Some Effective Ways To Use Hardwood Floor Polish

Everyone agrees that hardwood floors are quite beautiful but they also agree that in order to maintain this beauty it is necessary that they are polished regularly using a good quality hardwood floor polish. However, using floor polish is not enough if you are to have a beautiful and shiny floor – you must know how to effectively apply it so here are some tips that can be used to get the most from this kind of polish.

The first of these tips is to polish the floors at the right time. The right time in this case will be when the floor is properly finished. To determine this you will have to sprinkle the floor with water! If it beads up then the finish is fine but if it soaks into the wood it means the floor is not ready and will need refinishing.

The manner in which the floor is to be polished will also greatly affect how the hardwood floor polish will work. The application of the polish can be done by hand or by machine and while the hand route is, in some cases, a viable option, it is usually advisable to use a machine. Not only do machines work faster compared to the hands-on method but they are also much easier on the muscles. You can get a machine by buying or by renting one from a home rental shop.

After establishing that the floor finish is ready and after acquiring the polishing machine, many people jump right in and start the polishing process in a haphazard manner – and usually with disastrous results! Prior to starting the process it is advisable that you read the manufacturers instructions so as not to damage the floor. Waxing the floor will also be a part of the polishing process and it is therefore advisable that you don’t overdo the waxing part.

Before actually polishing the floor, it is advisable to clean it first. The best product to use for cleaning is usually a commercial hardwood cleaner because water-based solvents and water are known to damage wooden floors. The cleaner will help to remove stains whereas the majority of the dust and other particles can be removed with a vacuum or broom. Stubborn or heavily stained areas may require a scrubbing brush but, of course, take care not to damage the finish.

The final part of the process is buffing. This is often laborious but it will prepare your floor for another finish every time so it should not be skipped. Additionally, buffing prevents the finish or polish from peeling off through normal wear and tear. This process is carried out using a machine known as a buffer which can also be rented.

When using hardwood floor polish to bring back shine to your floor, you will often be better applying it manually but the amount for traffic the floor receives, how old the floor is and the type of floor are just some of the factors that determine the number of times you are going to need to polish your floor to keep it looking its best. However, keep this in mind and you will soon have the shiny floor you have always wanted.